申请材料Four. Application Materials

1. Application for Prior Approval of Name for Foreign-Invested Partnership Enterprise signed by all partners.

2. Copies of subject qualification certificates or natural persons’ ID certificates of all partners.

注 :1、《外商投资合伙企业名称预先核准申请书》可以登录bet36平台威驰外资企业服务中心官网下载或者到工商行政管理机关领取;


2. Application and other materials submitted shall be made with A4-size papers. If no copies indicated in the aforementioned are to be submitted, originals shall be submitted; when a copy is submitted, it should be marked with ‘consistent with the original’ and stamped & signed by all the partners or stamped or signed by the designated representative or authorized agent of the enterprise.

3. If the documents mentioned above are written in a foreign language, the Chinese translation version shall be submitted, and stamped by the related translation company.

4. Enterprise type such as "general partnership", "special general partnership" or "limited partnership" is required to be marked in enterprise name as per laws, but wording like “company” is not required.

5、企业申请预先核准的名称中不使用国民经济行业类别用语表述的,应符合《企业名称登记管理规定实施办法》第十八条规定。5. Application for prior approval without using expression of national economy industry category shall meet the requirement of Article 18 of Measures for the Implementation of Administration of Enterprise Name Registration.

6、企业申请预先核准的名称中的行业表述应体现其主要经营范围,企业名称不应当明示或者暗示有超越其经营范围的业务。6. The industry expression in enterprise name applied for prior approval shall reflect its main business scope, and the enterprise name shall not express or imply the business beyond its business scope.

7、企业申请的名称预先核准通知书有效期为6个月,有效期满仍未登记,核准的名称自动失效。. The Notice on Prior Approval of Name for Foreign-Invested Partnership Enterprise is valid for 6 months, and the approved name shall automatically become invalid in case it is not registered as of the date of expiry.